We offer private health fund rebates for Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage. Rebates are available with selected Therapists only so please ask at time of booking should you require an immediate rebate or a health fund receipt.

Add on treatments are available to any massage. Select between a Dry Body Exfoliation, Scalp Massage, Foot Massage or Facial Massage for 15 minutes 
(Not available as individual treatments)


$85 ~30min | $120  ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

Remedial Massage focuses on particular areas of the body where there is tension, stress and discomfort. It encourages the body's natural healing process to repair itself. Our therapists will tailor the massage to your specific needs. Remedial Massage can be claimed with some Private Health Funds, please ask about this at time of booking.

Best Massage to: Ease muscle tightness, tension and discomfort caused by injury or stress.



$85 ~30min | $120  ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

Deep Tissue Massage goes beyond the surface muscles and into the underlying soft tissue to treat deeper areas of muscle. This massage is generally firm with deep slow strokes using the hands, palms, fingers and elbows. There can be some tenderness the day after a deep tissue massage; to assist with this we recommend epsom salt baths and drinking plenty of water.

Best Massage for: Long term stiffness or restricted range of motion due to pain in a particular area.


$85 ~30min | $120  ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

Originally created for professional athletes and sports people to assist with overcoming injuries and ailments. Sports massage can be fairly strenuous in targeting specific muscle groups using soft tissue manipulation and passive stretching. It prepares the athlete for peak performance, prevents injuries and helps heal damaged tissue.  

Best Massage to: Drain fatigue from specific muscle groups and to promote flexibility.



$85 ~30min | $120  ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

Our Signature Stress Relief Massage is highly recommended for relieving stress & fatigue from the body caused through everyday tension & strain. It blends a variety of massage styles including deep tissue, ka huna, acupressure, relaxation & shiatsu. Stretching is included to assist with improving flexibility & range of motion.

Best Massage if: You are feeling sluggish and fatigued.



$85 ~30min | $120  ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

This massage has been created for the well-being and comfort of both Mum and Baby. Our trained pregnancy therapists will adapt their technique to address the pregnant body, dissolving away muscle tension, relaxing the lower back and easing sciatic pain. For your comfort a pregnancy mattress is used during the massage. Pregnancy massage is not recommended in the First Trimester of pregnancy.

Best Massage if: Mum-to-be is needing relief from discomfort and some much needed relaxation.


$147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

A gentle full body massage that subtly stimulates the lymphatic system to assist with draining toxins trapped in the lymph nodes. It not only assists with the flow and removal of toxins to reduce swelling and water retention but is also excellent for boosting immunity and calming the nervous system.

Best Massage if: You suffer from water retention or are on a detox.


$76 ~30min | $112 ~45min | $138 ~60min | $182 ~90min

Relaxation Massage is designed to deeply relax the entire body using long gliding, nurturing strokes with gentle rolling and kneading to aid in stress and tension reduction. It is also beneficial in easing muscle tenderness, and soothing the nervous system for anyone with anxiety or tiredness.

Best Massage if: You feel emotionally fragile and in need of nurturing.



$85 ~30min | $120 ~45min | $147 ~60min 

Our Foot Massage is an extremely calming experience, some principles of reflexology are used to relax tired and overworked feet. This can be offered as an individual treatment or can be an excellent addition to another style of massage.

Best Massage if: You are looking for relaxation and an instant de-stress.

UNITY MASSAGE (per couple) 

$294 ~60min | $378~ 90min

Share the journey with someone special by having a massage in the same room. A Unity Massage can be a wonderful bonding experience by enjoying the absolute serenity of a massage together.

*Due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, couples massages are currently in separate rooms. 

Best Massage for: Bonding with your loved one.