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Glebe, Balmain, and Newtown

Our Story

In the 70s, mainstream healthcare was viewed as too narrow, prompting a shift towards ancient wellness philosophies. By the early 90s, the wellness movement began shaping our perception of overall health. Recognising the societal need for whole-being wellness in a fast-paced city, we opened our first spa in 1992. It became a sanctuary for people seeking balance, offering a spectrum of alternative therapies. We believe in the freedom to choose how to practice wellness, emphasising the importance of connecting with oneself and making authentic decisions.


Our Sydney Day Spas & Bathhouses have been honoured as Australia's Best Day Spa and Oceania's Best Day Spa at the World Spa Awards for 2022 and 2023, with three additional awards secured in October 2023 for Alternative Healing, Spa Group, and Wellness Spa.

Holistic Wellness


Embark on a transformative holistic wellness journey with Nature's Energy, where we go beyond conventional spa experiences to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. We offer a unique approach to wellness, weaving together the rejuvenating elements of bathhouse, massage, beauty, reading, and healing services.


Immerse in the therapeutic benefits of hot and cold therapy, using our saunas to induce relaxation and boost circulation. The hot spa aids muscle recovery, the steam room enhances respiratory health, and Glebe offers an infrared sauna for deep detoxification. Glebe's ice bath, Balmain's cool spa, and refreshing showers at all locations provide a contrasting cool-down, aiding muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and invigorating your senses.



Explore our diverse massage services that take you on a journey of relaxation and wellness. Immerse yourself in the soothing bathhouse before your massage to amplify therapeutic benefits with selected massages eligible for private health fund rebates. We also offer pregnancy massage and specialised services, including Reiki massage and lymphatic drainage massage.


Day Spa Packages

Elevate your wellness journey with our day spa packages, each starting with a bathhouse session to amplify the therapeutic benefits of massage and beauty services. Explore Escape For Two, Recovery, Radiance, or Relaxation, for a curated and extended experience in our bathhouse and day spa sanctuaries, ensuring ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.



Enhance your natural beauty with facials crafted by skilled therapists using cutting-edge techniques and a selection of professional and hand-made products. Tailored to unique skincare needs, our range of facials offers something for every skin type, or our Signature Facial can be tailored.


Sugaring, Waxing, and Tinting

Discover the ancient art of sugaring, virtually pain-free hair removal. We also offer waxing for sensitive and larger areas, as well as brow and last tinting with a range of colours to choose from.


Reading & Healing

Discover the transformative world of Reading & Healing at Nature's Energy. Our skilled practitioners offer diverse modalities, including Reiki, tarot, chakra balancing, and crystal healing. Immerse yourself in personalised experiences, seeking clarity, spiritual guidance, and purpose.


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Our Sanctuaries

Nature's Energy has three enchanting bathhouse and day spa sanctuaries in Sydney's vibrant Inner West, just minutes from the CBD. Our locations in Glebe, Balmain, and Newtown all offer every service on our holistic wellness menu, and our bathhouses are unique at each location.


The Glebe bathhouse has two traditional saunas, an infrared sauna, steam room, hot spa, and ice bath. It also has changerooms, including lockers, for bathhouse guests. Additionally, there are 15 treatment rooms, including two double rooms, a relaxing waiting area with complimentary herbal tea, and a shop.



The Balmain bathhouse includes a traditional sauna, a hot spa, cool spa, and steam room. There are changerooms with lockers, recovery lounge, and two waiting areas with complimentary herbal teas. Additionally, there are 12 treatment rooms, including one double room for massages shared together.



Our Newtown bathhouse offers a traditional sauna, hot spa, and steam room. Newtown also features lockers and changerooms for bathhouse guests, a waiting area with complimentary herbal tea, and seven treatment rooms, including one double room for those seeking a shared massage experience.



Ask, Believe & Receive

Before or after any service at any of our locations, we invite you to experience the magic of our Ask, Believe & Receive wall, where you can write your hopes or thanks on seeded paper. Your notes join a shared garden of dreams, and when we plant the seeds, feel the connection of human intention and nature intertwine.

Our Therapists

We employ a diverse range of highly skilled therapists to ensure only the best quality service across massage, beauty, reading, and healing.

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Product Philosophy

Explore our retail offerings, encompassing Skincare & Beauty, Home & Fragrance, Lifestyle & Gifts, and Relaxation & Wellness, featuring products meticulously handmade by us or sourced from like-minded businesses. From skincare products that add a touch of luxury to our massages and facials, to herbal teas hydrating and delighting you during your wait or relaxation before or after an appointment, and exclusive aromatherapy and essential oils enhancing your sensory experience—many of our own products are seamlessly woven into the day spa and bathhouse experience. You can also purchase them in-store or online, allowing you to continue your Nature's Energy journey at home.


At Nature's Energy, sustainability is at the core of our values. We are committed to promoting ethical practices, supporting local retailers, and using Australian-made and natively grown natural ingredients whenever possible. When you choose Nature's Energy products, you not only support small batches, ethical production, and artisans, but you also contribute to our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our staff training, service protocols, and spaces are all designed with sustainability in mind; for example, we encourage BYO towels for the bathhouse to reduce waste and laundry.




We exist to inspire wellbeing through the elements of nature


We believe in the beauty and power of nature and our responsibility to it