Day Spa Packages

SAVE $30-$40

Elevate your wellness journey with our day spa packages, offering different bathhouse, facial, massage, reading and healing service combinations. Explore Escape For Two, Recovery, Radiance, Relaxation, Embody, or Awaken for a curated and extended experience in our sanctuaries, ensuring ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

For the ultimate winter escape, book our seasonal limited package, Winter Embrace, featuring a bathhouse session and exclusive Relaxation Hot Stone Massage. Relax, embrace and renew in our hot spas, steam rooms and saunas before indulging in the most relaxing massage in Sydney featuring warm oil and hot stones.

Please book online when booking for one or call (02) 9555 5533 or email us to book a package for more than one guest.

150 min $180 | Save $40

Winter Embrace

Bathhouse 90 min
Relaxation Hot Stone Massage 60 min

Relax, embrace and renew with our limited seasonal offer, Winter Embrace. Enjoy a 90 minute Bathhouse followed by a 60 minute Relaxation Hot Stone Massage. Available Monday-Friday during Winter (1 June-31 August).

120 min $190pp | Save $30pp

Escape For Two

Bathhouse 60 min
Nature's Energy Signature Massage For Two 60 min


Begin your holistic wellness journey together in the bathhouse, enjoying hot and cold therapy options to enhance the overall benefits of your massage. As you unwind in the same massage room, our skilled therapists will seamlessly blend acupressure, medium pressure, warm compresses, and the soothing warmth of hot stones. This unique combination ensures a deeply calming and harmonious experience, fostering a sense of unity and relaxation.

Please email or call (02) 9555 5533 to book Escape For Two. This service is not currently bookable online.

120 min $200 | Save $30


Bathhouse 60 min
Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage 60 min
(Health Fund Options Available)

Discover a harmonious blend of relaxation and therapeutic relief. The bathhouse fosters greater relaxation, deeper muscle penetration, and heightened tranquillity. Remedial Massage: trigger points and active releases ease muscle tension and tightness, encouraging your body's natural healing process. Deep Tissue Massage: alleviate soreness or imbalance, focusing on underlying soft tissue, with firm pressure and deep kneading to address deeper muscle areas.

180 min $370 | Save $30


Bathhouse 60 min
Nature's Energy Signature Massage 60 min
Nature's Energy Signature Facial 60 min

Experience head-to-toe rejuvenation with this fusion of signature services. Begin in our tranquil bathhouse, enhancing the overall benefits of your massage and opening pores for a more effective facial. Our Signature Massage combines acupressure, medium pressure, warm compresses, and soothing hot stones for a deeply relaxing experience. Our Signature Facial is a relaxing, tailored experience to leave you with hydrated and radiant skin.

180 min $380 | Save $30


Bathhouse 60 min
Head Massage 45 min
Signature Massage 60 min
Hand or Foot Massage 15 min

Crafted to help alleviate tension and foster a profound sense of calm, this rejuvenating experience unfolds in a series of blissful wellness services. Begin with a soothing 60 minute Bathhouse, creating the perfect foundation for relaxation. Followed by a 45 minute Head Massage, let the gentle touch release tension and promote serenity. Immerse yourself further in our Signature Massage, expertly combining acupressure, medium pressure, warm compresses and hot stones. Conclude with a 15 minute Hand or Foot Massage, leaving you in a state of ultimate relaxation.

120 min $310 | SAVE $30


Nature's Energy Signature Massage 60 min
Nature's Energy Signature Facial 60 min

Experience total rejuvenation with our Embody package, featuring our Signature Massage and Signature Facial. The massage blends acupressure, medium pressure, warm compresses, and hot stones. The facial is personalised to your needs and uses our plant-based, hand-made skincare products. Embody will leave you feeling relaxed from head to toe, and with hydrated, glowing skin.

90 MIN $200 | SAVE $30


Reading 45 min
Healing 45 min

Experience the transformative power of holistic wellness with our Awaken package, featuring a 45-minute spiritual Reading and a 45-minute spiritual Healing session designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Let our skilled therapists, versed in diverse modalities such as tarot reading and reiki healing, provide the clarity and balance you need for a more centred and harmonious life.

Our Therapists

We employ a diverse range of highly skilled therapists to ensure only the best quality service across massage, beauty, reading, and healing. You can choose your preferred therapist during checkout if desired.

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What Our Customers Say


“Everything about it was amazing! The bathhouse is gorgeous and so calm and relaxing. The staff are all super lovely and the massage and facial was delightful. Walked out feeling so calm.”


“Amazing staff and venue, a treatment option for everyone. Feeling very revived and rejuvenated after my massage and facial.”


“Wow. Started off with the spa/sauna - very relaxing! I got the signature massage - it was the best experience of my life. The beautiful combo of deep breathing, hot stones, acupressure and a bit of sound therapy left me feeling like a new woman. I’ll definitely be back!”


“Very relaxing and rejuvenating. The massage was unbelievable and I felt so refreshed after the facial. 10/10 and 5 stars from me.”


“Absolutely the most relaxing place on Earth! I had the Head Massage and Signature Facial, which were both amazing.”


“Amazing massage. Perfect pressure. Also had a facial massage which was amazing. Thank you.”