In Conversation with The Love Assembly

In Conversation with The Love Assembly

Embark on a soulful exploration of love with Aubrey of The Love Assembly and Nature's Energy. This Galentine’s or Valentine's Day, we celebrate the interconnectedness of all relationships, guided by the wisdom of Certified Life + Success Coach & Meditation Teacher, Aubrey Daquinag. Together, we delve into the depths of love and its transformative power, understanding that love takes diverse and unique shapes, just like life forms.


Q: "How can individuals weave self-love practices into their daily routines for overall wellness?"

A: I love to integrate this through MIND, BODY and SOUL, a few simple ways to weave in self-love practices into your daily routine:

Start your day mindfully with positive self-talk and affirmations, meditation or reflecting on things you're grateful for to set a positive tone for the day. As soon as you wake, your brain waves are still in theta state and most receptive to subconscious mind reprogramming work.

Move and nourish your body: Engage in physical activities that you actually enjoy and feed it with colourful high vibrational foods. Exercise releases endorphins, which can improve your mood and boost your self-esteem.

Set Boundaries (and honour them!): Learn to say no when needed and establish healthy boundaries. Respecting your own limits is a fundamental aspect of self-love.


Q: "As part of our Love Forms campaign, how do you believe embracing different dimensions of love enhances connections in relationships, friendships, and family bonds?"

A: By embracing different dimensions of love, I believe we can foster understanding and acceptance of one another. What's more romantic than being understood? This includes acknowledging and appreciating differences, promoting a more inclusive and supportive environment, and offering up a safe space for vulnerability. With this safe space for vulnerability it enhances depth and emotional intimacy to the relationship of any kind whether it be romantic, platonic or family. This emotional connection allows us to share our innermost thoughts and feelings, creating a deeper bond and understanding that essentially builds more trust and confidence to be more authentic. It also helps with resilience and provides a strong foundation during more challenging times that may come along in our journey through life. By embracing different dimensions of love it can help relationships get through difficulties together and come out stronger on the other side.


Q: "In your holistic approach, how does mindset transformation contribute to embracing the many forms of love, and what simple practices can people adopt for a more empowered mindset?"

A: When clients come to work with me they normally find themselves living life on autopilot; they are successful yet often feel something is missing but can't quite pinpoint what it is exactly. By starting with the layers of the mind, we begin to reveal deeper truths on the subconscious beliefs they hold and how it's contributing and affecting how their life is currently playing out. This mindset transformation alone allows for a more open and growth-oriented perspective. A growth-oriented mindset recognizes that we as individuals and our relationships are constantly evolving, opening us up to embrace the many forms of love. Whether it's receptivity towards new love, letting go of certain relationships that no longer feel aligned, or giving yourself the permission to hear the calling of your own truth and confidently walk on the path of expressing your authentic self allows you to live life from an embodied place of love over fear. Attending to that lost connection is one of the deepest forms of self-love.

3 Simple Practices to adopt for a more empowered mindset:

Open heart, open mind
Expanding into presence (that seems to be a luxury these days with so any distractions!) with an open heart and mind. When negative thoughts arise, consciously challenge and reframe them. This helps break the cycle of negativity and rigid thinking, and contributes to a more empowered mindset.

Compassionate self-talk
Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion. We can often be our own worst critics and speak to ourselves the harshest. Start your day with positive affirmations that reinforce love, self-worth, and gratitude. Repeating these affirmations regularly is a fundamental aspect of an empowered mindset, positively influencing your relationship to self and with others.


I've been journaling since I was seven years old and it's one of my favourite practices to process emotions, manifest what I want, deepen self connection and trust, and practice a more empowered mindset. The key to effective journaling is consistency.


Q: "Could you share some accessible tips on connecting with and healing the inner child, fostering a foundation for embracing diverse forms of love?"

A: I always start Inner Child Healing with the recognition that you are not broken. Through the journey of my Signature SELF Formula, I guide my clients through the acronym of Self Connection, Emotional Empowerment, Lifestyle Design and Focus and Intuitive Flow. We dive deep right away with re-connecting to the inner child which can be accessed through self-reflection exercises, inner child healing meditations and revisiting childhood activities and making time to incorporate it into our adult lives today. Most often you will find that what you love and enjoy today are often very similar to what you loved and enjoyed as a child. A large portion of this is also expressing emotions: Allowing yourself to feel them in your body and express the emotions associated with your inner child. This might involve crying, shouting, or simply acknowledging and validating your own feelings without judgment. This relationship to our own inner child then sets the tone for our capacity in relation to others.

To deepen self connection and trust, I have a complimentary resources you can find at


Q: "Considering Nature's Energy's nature-inspired philosophy, how can individuals incorporate elements from the natural environment into their daily wellness routines to enhance the various dimensions of love?"

A: Nature walks or hikes with your lover, picnics in the park with family and friends, taking time out for your self with outdoor meditations and deep presence throughout it all.


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