White Christmas Candle - Large

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Step into the serenity of a winter wonderland with our exclusive White Christmas Candle. Carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the season, this enchanting creation blends the aromatic notes of white ginger tangerine, pimento clove bud, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and tomka, delivering a symphony of scents that evoke the magic of Christmas.

Hand-poured with precision in Sydney, our White Christmas Candle is a limited edition soy wax masterpiece housed in a reusable 400ml glass container. Illuminate your space with the gentle glow of this captivating candle, as its festive fragrance transforms your surroundings into a haven of elegance and joy.


  • Handmade and locally crafted in Sydney
  • Infused with white ginger tangerine, pimento clove bud, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and tomka
  • 400ml of hand-poured soy wax
  • Reusable glass container

Why Choose Our White Christmas Candle: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our White Christmas Candle captures the essence of the season, offering a sophisticated blend of fragrances that symbolize the purity and joy of Christmas. From the refreshing white ginger tangerine to the warm embrace of vanilla and the exotic allure of tomka, every note harmonizes to create a sensory experience that transcends ordinary candles.

Elevate your holiday celebrations with the White Christmas Candle, a perfect embodiment of Nature's Energy mission to inspire wellbeing through the elements of nature. Let the luxurious fragrance create an ambiance of elegance and joy in your home.

Illuminate your space with the radiant glow of our White Christmas Candle. Order now and immerse yourself in the refined magic of the season.

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