Night Before Christmas Candle - Large

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Dive into the enchanting atmosphere of the Night Before Christmas with our exquisite candle, meticulously curated to capture the spirit of the season. This handcrafted masterpiece combines the evocative scents of mandarin, sandalwood, juniperberry, cinnamon, and clove, creating a symphony of aromas that transport you to a world of festive wonder.

Hand-poured with care in Sydney, the Night Before Christmas Candle is a limited edition soy wax creation encased in a reusable 400ml glass container. Illuminate your space with the warm glow of this captivating candle, as the aromatic blend takes you on a sensory journey filled with holiday magic.


  • Handmade and locally crafted in Sydney
  • Infused with mandarin, sandalwood, juniperberry, cinnamon, and clove
  • 400ml of hand-poured soy wax
  • Reusable glass container

Why Choose Our Night Before Christmas Candle: Crafted with a touch of holiday magic, our Night Before Christmas Candle embraces the festive spirit and the essence of the season. Each ingredient, from the citrusy burst of mandarin to the woody allure of sandalwood and the aromatic touch of juniperberry, contributes to a harmonious blend that enhances the ambiance of your home.

Elevate your holiday celebrations with the Night Before Christmas Candle, a perfect embodiment of Nature's Energy mission to inspire wellbeing through the elements of nature. Let the captivating fragrance create moments of joy and warmth in your home.

Illuminate your space with the captivating glow of our Night Before Christmas Candle. Order now and immerse yourself in the magic of the season.

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