Day Spa Packages

Elevate your wellness journey with a day spa package, where each experience starts with a bathhouse session, enhancing the therapeutic benefits of massage and beauty services. Enjoy an Escape For Two or choose Recovery, Radiance, or Relaxation, in these thoughtfully curated packages available in Glebe, Balmain, and Newtown.

Whether you're seeking an Escape For Two or independent wellness journey with options like Recovery, Radiance, or Relaxation, our thoughtfully curated packages cater to various needs. Located in the hearts of Glebe, Balmain, and Newtown, our bathhouse and day spa sanctuaries await, promising an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Day spa packages include a complimentary robe and extra-large towel.

  1. Escape For Two
  1. Recovery
  1. Radiance
  1. Relaxation