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Bathhouse 60 min
Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage 60 min

Discover a harmonious blend of relaxation and therapeutic relief with our Recovery package, featuring a bathhouse experience and massage. The immersive bathhouse experience sets the stage for your massage, fostering greater relaxation, deeper muscle penetration, and heightened tranquillity.

Choose from Remedial or Deep Tissue massage:

Remedial Massage: Perfect for easing muscle tension and tightness, our therapists utilise trigger points and active releases, encouraging your body's natural healing process and promoting self-repair.

Deep Tissue Massage: Ideal for alleviating soreness or imbalance, this technique focuses on the underlying soft tissue, employing firm pressure and deep kneading to address deeper muscle areas.

This day spa package is an invigorating combination designed to enhance your wellbeing, relieving physical tension and mental stress in a seamless and rejuvenating experience.