Waxing & Sugaring




We use a luxurious rose scented wax designed to glide smoothly onto your skin with no resistance making it perfect for sensitive skin and intimate areas. We do not double dip our spatulas and pride ourselves on providing you with the highest level of hygiene. Expect clean white towels lined with fresh sheets upon every visit, as well as a velvety Vitamin E cream which is massaged onto your skin after every wax.


Underarm ~$23
Arms - Half ~$29
Arms - Full ~$40
Legs - Lower ~$33
Legs - Upper ~$47
Legs - Three Quarter ~$53
Legs - Full ~$65
Bikini ~$26
Extended Bikini ~$37
Brazilian ~$71


Eyebrow ~$26
Sides of Face ~$23
Chin ~$16
Lip ~$16

MEN'S WAXING (add 10% to the above pricing)

Back ~$59
Half Back ~$47
Chest ~$53



With our tinting treatments, we use every colour from light brown to a striking blue black. We offer custom colours to enhance your brows and lashes. Perfect for fine eyebrows needing volume or thickness. Experience grooming like never before with a complimentary scalp, shoulder, foot or arm massage during your eyelash tint.


Eyelash Tint ~$30
Eyebrow Tint ~$16



We are one of the very few Day Spas to offer this ancient form of hair removal. It is 100% natural and chemical free - you could even eat it! Sugaring is virtually pain free, softens your skin and results last up to 6 weeks. With a course of treatments, hair is reduced dramatically. Sugaring can be performed on all hair, from 2 weeks after shaving. As we have specialist Sugaring therapists, please book in advance for Sugaring treatments.


Underarm ~$33
Arms - Half ~$40
Arms - Full ~$51
Legs - Lower ~$51
Legs - Three Quarter ~$68
Legs - Full ~$90
Bikini ~$35
Extended Bikini ~$48
Brazilian ~$84


Eyebrow ~$35
Sides of Face ~$36
Full Face ~$97

Chin ~$24
Lip ~$24