Self-Love Smudge Wand - With Good Intentions

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Self-Love Smudge Wand - With Good Intentions

Take regard for your own well being and happiness. Love yourself, be kind and respect yourself. Be nurturing to your body, mind and soul. Accept and celebrate how perfectly human you are. 

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Callistemon, Lemon Verbena Linden, Chamomile Flowers, Corn Husk, Pink Rose Petals, Orange Zest

With Good Intentions, Smudge Wands are hand made in small batches in Sydney using a mix homegrown, wildcrafted and donated herbs, botanicals and spices. Each wand is unique and as such herbs and botanicals may vary between batches and seasonal availability. Each wand is artfully crafted with love and intention using only the best sustainable, ethical and chemical-free ingredients, bound with non-toxic cotton thread.