Quiet Mind Meditation Mist - Spirit Mama Apothecary

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Do you only have 10 minutes to meditate and can't switch that Mama brain off? 

This magic spray will leave you feeling peaceful, reflective and aware of your inner self.

Quiet Mind is a meditative blend of Frankincense, Sage, Geranium, Wild Orange and other Pure Essential Oils that will;
~ Ground your energy and soothe emotions
~ Assist in connecting you to your spiritual self
~ Open your heart energy, bringing wisdom and balance
~ Calm and relax your mind

Quiet Mind is also blended with the Crystal Energies of;

Lapis Lazuli - Activating the Third Eye, connecting to your intuition and the spiritual realms
Smokey Quartz - Powerfully brings spiritual energy into the physical realm and will transmute negative vibrations