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Little DREAM - Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Sleep Mist ~ by Spirit Mama Apothecary.

Has your child's bedtime routine left you exhausted after a long day? Wish it wasn't such a struggle to wind them down at night? This magic spray will leave your child feeling relaxed, calm and secure, and ready for deep sleep.

Little Dream is a peaceful blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Clary Sage and other Pure Essential Oils that will;
~ Balances and purify your child's energy and emotions
~ Restore and calm their nervous system
~ Relax the mind and induce sleep

Little Dream is also blended with the Crystal Energies of;

Amethyst - A protective energy that relieves stress, dispels nightmares and helps with sleep
Black Tourmaline - Very grounding and removes negative energy. It helps with fearful emotions and protects against electromagnetic energy