Angels Protection & Guidance Smudge Wand - With Good Intentions

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I call to my angels to surround me in your light of protection throughout my day. Be at my side and guide my work and actions to come from a place of love. Please clear my energy and vibrations completely of negative thoughts, releasing fear and self-limiting beliefs. Please help me to experience the love, light, and joy that is present in every moment and guide my path for my highest and greatest good.

Hand-rolled with seasonal herbs and botanicals; Mediterranean Sage, Callistemon, Rosemary, Lavender, Holy Basil, * Olive Leaves, * Thyme, Chamomile Flowers, Sweet Marjoram, Dehydrated Rose Petals, Cypress Pine, Pine Needles, Frankincense Tears, *Hydrangeas, Corn Husk, Mandarin & Orange Zest.

Note ingredients marked * are available when in season, colour and herb combination will always vary from batch to batch.

Beautifully bound with 100% Cotton Yarn

Size: 15cm x 4.5cm

About With Good Intentions:

Family-owned and operated business located in Southern Sydney. Dedicated to the art of hand-rolling intention-based ritual smudge wands. Lovingly made with a selected blend of Sages, Seasonal Herbs, Botanicals, Flowers, Sweet Spices, and incense resins. Over 90% of our herbs are locally grown and locally sourced. The Smudge wands contain (1 of 3) Sages: Australian Grown White Sage (s. apiana), Mediterranean Sage (s. fruticosa) Dalmatian Sage (s.officinalis).