Specialised Massage




$91 ~30min | $128 ~45min | $155 ~60min | $197 ~90min

Our Aromatherapy Massage uses a pre-blended or a bespoke blend of pure essential oils tailor-made to your requirements. This massage can have a profound effect on the physical body and on the emotional being. It can assist with reducing anxiety and depression, boosting the immune system and bringing a
complete sense of calm and relaxation.

Best Massage if: You are feeling emotionally tired, sleep deprived or jet lagged.



$91 ~30min | $128 ~45min | $155 ~60min | $197 ~90min

Originating from Hawaii, this nurturing massage is especially good for those needing some 'me time'. It is extremely beneficial during major life changes or when there is loss or grieving. Ka Huna is an extremely caring and loving massage whereby the therapist uses hands and forearms in rhythmic, dance
like movements to revitalise the body and bring about healing.

Best Massage if: You are feeling disconnected, adrift or in need of nurturing.



$161 ~60min | $204 ~90min

The indulgence of this massage does not outweigh its benefits! Warm basalt stones and the nurturing touch of your therapist brings your mind and body into perfect balance. The heat from the stones penetrates deeply into muscles, allowing them to relax and release and allows you to drift into complete bliss!

Best Massage if: You are feeling run down or suffer from muscle tension.



$85 ~30min | $120 ~45min | $147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

Let our trained reiki massage healers deliver the gift of pure “spiritually guided” life force energy during your massage. Focus will be on targeting tight or stressed areas through massage & shifting energy in areas that may be blocked. This unique treatment is incredibly calming, creating a positive shift in your body & being.


$161 ~60min | $204 ~90min

This healing massage uses gemstones with energised massage blends in order to bring balance to the subtle energies of the chakra system. Selenite crystals are used to massage the body allowing for increase in energy as the chakras are cleared. The blend of pure essential oils will revitalise your senses while
Hematite stones will ground the body and bring clarity of thought.

Best Massage if: You feel ungrounded, need clarity of the mind and/or lack energy.



$147 ~60min | $189 ~90min

This signature treatment begins with a fully clothed body stretching to release tight muscles followed by a stress relief massage to leave your body feeling awakened and renewed. The combination of stretching and massage assists with better posture and fewer aches and pains. Please wear loose, comfortable
clothing and note that allocated time includes changing.

Best Massage if: You have tight muscles due to poor posture related to everyday activities.



$120 ~45min

An ancient Ayurvedic form of massage focusing on the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp, ears and face. The massage incorporates firm yet gentle rhythmic movements that involve massaging acupressure points. The use of Sesame Seed oil in this massage has the added benefit of a scalp and hair treatment.

Best Massage if: You suffer with headaches, migraines, sinusitis, neck tension or have dry hair or scalp.