Massage Therapist | Beauty Therapist

Arezoo believes in a multifaceted approach to all her treatments. Through energy infused, healing hands, a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation envelope you.

Arezoo holds a diploma in beauty therapy and has been a practicing therapist for over 12 years. She is a reiki teacher, with an extensive theta healing training, in addition to unconditional love healing. She draws on all her knowledge to deliver a deeply relaxing, healing, therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for you.

Availability: Balmain -  Saturdays & Sundays


Massage Therapist

Since 1998 Ayako has held a Diploma of Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage, she brings her years of massage training in Japan to Australia where she incorporates Shiatsu massage and Foot Reflexology in both Eastern and Western methods. Her passion lays with Aromatherapy Massage and she prides herself in being able to tailor a firmer style to her clients. Her belief is to constantly stay abreast of new massage styles to offer the latest techniques.

Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays & Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Christine is a registered Massage Therapist with 10 years experience.
She has excellent Remedial skills which she incorporates with myofascial release techniques to release tension in the muscles that might be causing you pain and discomfort.
She also has treated various athletes for pre and post events and so her passion is to pass on her knowledge and expertise by incorporating the techniques to tailor her clients needs.

Availability: Newtown - Thursday & Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Emil holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and is registered with all the major health funds. Massaging since 2003 Emil specialises in Remedial and Sports Massage where he focuses on specific targeted problem areas. Emil believes that great results arise when the person is able to heal in body mind and spirit. Emil is passionate about assisting his clients to reach a place of deep healing and peace and he achieves this through massage.


Availability: Glebe - Sunday's


Massage Therapist | Beauty Therapist

Helena has both Korean and Australian Body massage and Beauty therapy training. She prides herself on being able to offer luxurious Spa Treatments and also Remedial Massage and specialises in blending both the oriental & western styles of treatments. Booking with Helena is a healing experience as well as indulgent.  She specialises in Traditional Korean KyongRack (acupressure)  Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue technique and Remedial Massage


Availability: Balmain - Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays


Massage Therapist

Julia has been a professional massage therapist since 2008 specialising in Deep Tissue, Remedial Massage and SLM Myofascial Release Massage. She also offers Stress Relief, Aromatherapy and Sports massage amongst others. Julia believes in the body's ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health, balance the posture to the body.

Availability: Glebe - Mondays, & Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Makita is a Massage and Beauty therapist with just over 10 years experience as a therapist working in Luxury Spa resorts in Fiji. Makita prides herself on delivering a high standard of excellence in service.


Availability: Glebe -  Wednesday, Thursdays, Friday, Saturday


Massage Therapist

Michelle is a registered massage therapist with a diploma in remedial massage at Sydney’s Randwick Tafe.

Michelle integrates various techniques into the foundation of remedial massage and has developed skills in trigger point, deep tissue, and myofascial release.

Michelle is also certified in Ayuvedic Marma Point Massage and embodies this beautiful ancient healing wisdom in her treatments.

She is passionate in the beliefs of the body mind spirit connection and holds an intuitive approach to balance energy, relieve stress, promote tissue health, reduce muscle tension and increase feelings of wellbeing.


Availability: Glebe -  Tuesday


Massage Therapist

NiNim (Jariya) is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist with over 8 years experience within Australia.

She is a fun, outgoing professional who takes extreme pride in ensuring every customer has a relaxing experience and leaves with an aura of serenity after her treatments.

She specialises in Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue technique and Remedial Massage.

Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays & Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Sara is a certified Remedial massage therapist specialising in trigger point therapy. Sara is experienced in treating acute and chronic overuse injuries that impact the range of motion and she customises all her treatments to the customer's individual needs.
Sara is passionate about massage and aims to assist in repair, renewal and relief amidst the stresses of life that often present within the body.


Availability:  Newtown - Monday, Wednesday, Sunday


Acupuncturist | Massage Therapist

She is the founder of Four Hands Body Therapies.
She has a multidisciplinary approach to bring wellness to people.
In her personal path, Zulmara incorporates knowledge and practice of Eastern Medicine such as Chinese Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, massage, meditation and Yoga to bring a Whole-of-Person approach that integrates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of human experience.
Over the years, between Brazil and Australia, she developed a series of Wellness workshops to harness the transformational power of these techniques. These workshops empower people find centreness, overcome obstacles and resolve stress.


Availability: Thursday & Friday - Glebe


Massage Therapist

Alexis specialises in women’s health, pregnancy and post-natal massage therapy, and her treatments are designed for your needs. Alexis’s treatments are nurturing and nourishing, supporting women and mums to be on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Alexis has long practised yoga, meditation and Pilates and holds a diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care on top of her massage qualifications and believes strongly that the mind/ body balance is integral for our equilibrium.

Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays, Glebe - Thursdays


Massage Therapist

Catalina is a Remedial Massage therapist offering a wide range of therapies including unique styles like Myofascial Release and Shiatsu.

She finds Stress Relief Massage very beneficial in terms of being therapeutic; taking care of physical issues such as shoulder tension, lower back pain, headaches and migraine.

She loves seeing clients transform from stressed and tight muscles to relieved calm.

Availability: Glebe - Tuesday


Massage Therapist

Gabriela offers a range of therapies and is particularly passionate about Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage. She also enjoys using Bliss stones due to its nurturing and warming benefits for stressed and anxious clients. Gabriela aims to have a holistic approach to her treatments and tailors them to give the client a relaxing and therapeutic experience.


Availability: Newtown - Tuesday & Friday, Glebe - Mondays


Massage Therapist

Jamieson has a holistic approach to remedial
massage therapy.
Combining relaxation, remedial and medicinal massage techniques, Jamieson aims toward revitalising and strengthening your ability to be more comfortable in life.
Through studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, Jamieson has a particular interest in establishing an internal balance of your mind, body and spirit. Jamieson is qualified for all major health fund rebates.

Availability: Balmain - Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Kumiko believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and utilises her expertise to assist in this process. Through listening to the body and thoughtful communication, she has a collaborative approach of reaching the specific goals of her clients. She combines deep tissue, my facial release, trigger point and manual lymphatic drainage techniques to provide a thorough, soothing, and effective massage.

Availability: Newtown- Saturdays, Balmain Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays


Massage Therapist

Larissa has worked in the beauty industry for 5 years. Her favourite treatments are massages and facials. She loves bringing wellness and relaxation to her clients while encouraging them to embrace their natural beauty with the help of skincare and treatments.



Availability: Balmain -  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Mirva is a massage therapist with over 5 years experience. Specialising in Sports, Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage. Mirva also enjoys relaxation & pregnancy massage. Mirva is also a personal trainer & fitness coach where health & wellbeing are close to her heart.


Availability: Newtown -  Monday & Thursdays


Massage Therapist

Nathalie holds qualifications in Remedial Massage Therapy and obtained her Sports massage and Injury Management Diploma in The Netherlands. In combination with a career in the corporate sector, she started her massage career in 1995 working as a physiotherapist assistant for a soccer team. Furthermore, Nathalie holds a Bachelor Degree in Counselling. Nathalie strongly believes in the healing work of massage on a physical and mental level. She does not believe in ‘no pain, no gain’ but adjusts the pressure to what the body communicates during the treatment.


Availability: Balmain - Sunday


Massage Therapist | Beauty Therapist

Feel better, look better. Sonia has been a qualified beauty therapist since 2007 and a massage therapist since 2012, combining the two has allowed her to develop a 'healing hand' experienced in a variety of styles.

Sonia's healing touch will help you melt away your physical and mental pain and wake up to a more beautiful you.


Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays


Massage Therapist

Yohanne holds an interest in body consciousness, exploring western, ancient and traditional therapies.  She graduated from NSW School of Massage and uses a unique, nurturing yet effective healing way to treat the body, calming the mind so you can rest with joy and ease. Ultimately she firmly stands for the belief that massage is a beautiful healing art, specialising in Relaxation and Deep Tissue modalities. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Yohanne will recommend stretches, breathing exercises and even meditation techniques to assist client's body and mind health.

Availability: Newtown - Friday & Saturday;  Balmain-Monday


Massage Therapist

Originally from England, qualifying & practicing massage & beauty therapy since 1998, Ann followed her passion in healing by taking her expertise to London spas, and many years working onboard the luxury cruise ships, as well as teaching in England as a lecturer in beauty & massage therapy.

Ann uses a variation of techniques to increase movement & flexibility, delivering you an intuitive & professional journey of therapeutic relaxation, encouraging a holistic approach to help your body heal itself.

Availability: Balmain - Thursdays & Fridays


Massage Therapist

Corinne has been a therapist for over 10 years, specialising in a range of styles from Swedish to Remedial, Thai and Reflexology foot massage bringing you the experience of rest and deep relaxation along with releasing muscular tension and pain caused by excessive stress, sport or injury.



Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays & Wednesday


Massage Therapist

Honey is a diploma qualified remedial therapist with a holistic approach to massage. Her cares extends beyond the massage table to ongoing home care techniques. Her specialty is working with clients with clinical injuries. She also understands and can empathise with clients who simply need a massage to de stress.


Availability: Newtown - Wednesdays


Massage Therapist

Kaoru is a remedial massage therapist who is passionate about healing people. She believes that the state of mind is also very important to body health, to achieve a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Her goal is to help release body tension to alieviate stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Availability: Balmain - Tuesdays & Saturdays


Massage Therapist

Linda has been massaging for over 5 years. Her passion lays in offering her clients a variety of modalities and tailoring each massage style to suit her clients desires.

Linda's specialty lays not only in therapeutic massage but also in relaxation styles like Swedish and Ka Huna Body Work.

She looks forward to treating highly stressed and over worked individuals needing to escape the daily grind and leave her massage table feeling blissfully calm and ready to face the world again.

Availability: Balmain - Tuesdays, Wednesdays


Massage Therapist

Latoya stems from the US along with her training in Clinical Massage and Spa Therapies since 2011.

Her Specialties are in Remedial, Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Swedish Aroma Therapy and Trigger point Therapy. She incorporates these modalities into her treatment to meet the individual clients needs. She believes that massage is a form of healing to destress and cure pain naturally.

Her techniques have helped clients suffering from everyday stress, stiff neck and shoulder pain, migraines, rotator cuff injuries and immobilities.

Latoya is also trained in Body Treatments such as Mud Detox, Body Exfoliation scrubs and mini facials. Her goal is for each one of her clients to leave pain and stress free, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Availability: Glebe -  Wednesday & Thursday


Massage Therapist

Machiko is passionate about all aspects of massage and healing of the body having acquired skills in Australia and abroad to further her skills. She believes that incorporating reiki healing and meditation will increase relaxation not only physically but mentally.


Availability: Glebe - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays


Massage Therapist

Renata has over 6 years massage experience, working with a range of clientele and their needs, from Relaxation and Stress management to Remedial and Sports Recovery. Renata is a qualified Personal Trainer and brings her love of exercise, health and nutrition to Natures Energy. Being a Crossfit athlete herself she understands the importance and need for Massage and Recovery time and enjoys working on athletes to blend sporting requirements into a good Remedial Massage that will leave you feeling revived.

Availability: Balmain - Thursdays


Massage Therapist

Tomoe is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist.

Her massage treatment helps people heal stress, relax and give relief from muscle tension using deep tissue, trigger points and Swedish massage techniques.


Availability: Balmain - Friday & Saturday


Massage Therapist

Yoko has passion for helping people and interest in healing. Using a combination of fluid motion, nurturing touch and symmetry, she creates a relaxed state in the body and mind while tending to each client’s individual needs. She applies a mixture Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Stretching techniques, Trigger point, Relaxation massage and Myofacial techniques to release muscle tension.


Availability: Balmain - Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays