Reader | Healer

Extending love and gratitude to our experiences and growth across many lifetimes, for over 15 years Fabiola has enjoyed meeting individuals, guiding them on a soul level to help heal the past which frees us to live now, from our heart. Assisting with matters of the heart, body, mind and spirit, Fabiola accurately sees, senses, feels, hears and knows, is a highly intuitive and soul centred healer, intuitive meditation facilitator, working with individuals and organisations to release and grow, as they gain insights on self and others. Believing we are a soul journeying in a physical body, learning to heal and embrace with heart our purpose, to really live, love and be. 

Book your session with Fabiola to experience freeing yourself to live an authentic, abundant life.

Availability: Glebe - Wednesdays & Alternate Saturdays




Antonella is a warm, deeply spiritual and intuitive professional Tarot Card Reader, with 20 years experience and comes from a strong background in Natural Therapies, Teaching, and The Arts and Communication.

A natural, gifted healer who draws from ancient Greek mythology, Antonella will inspire and empower you with insightful ‘spot on’ Tarot readings, providing great clarity, guidance and tangible solutions you can apply, to help heal and enhance all aspects of your life.

Her caring nature, love of people, and great desire to heal stems from the beginning of her career as a Beauty Therapist, and later as an Alternative Natural Therapist, where she went on to teach at The Ella Bache College of Beauty Therapy, The Australasian College of Natural Therapies and at TAFE Northern Sydney Institute. With a Masters in Journalism (UTS), Antonella has since directed and applied her healing work to writing, where she passionately writes content for numerous publications as well as for her own blogs.

Specialising in the area of relationships, Antonella also takes great pleasure in teaching the Tarot, and loves reaching to, and helping her clients through her workshops and courses that she regularly runs, including her signature relationship workshop.

Book a reading with Antonella. She’ll bring out the Goddess (or God) in you!

Availability: Newtown - Monday, Saturday



 Reader | Healer

Angela is an Intuitive Empath who reads Oracle Cards and Gemstones. Her Readings offer insight, direction and heightens your awareness to any chakras that may be out of balance.

With her Reiki plus years of holistic therapies experience, she can guide you through her sessions with tools to help you manifest your desires or to further enhance your lifestyle including more positive and loving vibrations.

Availability: Balmain - Thursday



     Reader | Healer

    Karen does tarot readings, life path & destiny readings and hypnotic energy healings, both in person and via phone & video chat.
    Her work combines the wisdom of ancient life path charts (called Metasymbology) based on your birth date together with tarot cards and psychic intuition.
    She specialises in revealing your life direction, best career choice
    s, most compatible partners and ways to make the most of your talents and overcome your challenges. If you have the birthday of other people she can also reveal this information about them.  

    Karen has been doing this work since 1996. As a psychic she can also channel your loved ones and spirit guides. She is also an intuitive therapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach, and combines all these in her healings, counselling and hypnotherapy based on your metasymbology life path. 

    All readings and healings can also be recorded for you for free so that you can listen to them again afterwards. 

    Availability: Balmain - Mondays // Newtown - Thursdays

      Sara Reader


       Reader | Healer

      Experienced Tarot Reader and intuitive; offering traditional readings and in-depth readings identifying blockages within the chakra system and unlocking childhood wounding that obstruct abundance and spiritual progress

      Availability: Newtown - Tuesday



         Reader | Healer

        Verena started her journey over 20 years ago. She studied Metaphysics and Parapsychology and uses her natural intuitive talents to read Tarot. Her guiding helps her client’s to understand the direction and purpose in their lives and see what the future holds for them.

        Verana’s aim is that this experience will make her client’s feel more enlightened and comforted moving ahead.

        Availability: Balmain - Wednesday  // Glebe - Monday & Thursday



         Reader | Healer

        Eve is a gifted clairvoyant psychic medium and energy healer who is passionate about helping people find greater clarity, purpose and direction in their lives. She has been working professionally in this field for over 7 years and is known for her detailed, heartfelt and compassionate approach.

        During sessions, Eve receives information predominantly through her natural psychic ability and may also utilise oracle/tarot cards and psychometry (jewellery reading). She provides psychic readings for life path guidance, mediumship readings (connecting to loved ones in spirit) and also offers reiki healing and energy clearing sessions.

        Availability: Newtown - Alternate Sundays



             Reader | Healer

            Alexis provides thirty years of experience conducting readings and healings.

            Inspired by her Romani Gypsy grandparents, including ancestor Gypsy King, Petulengro. Alexis is psychic as well as clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clairtangient.

            Alexis has modalities in Tarot; Palmistry; Rune reading; Animal totems; Goddess guides; Angel Oracle as well as Crystal and Energy healing. Previously, teaching part-time tarot courses Sydney University, Alexis also has an extensive theatrical, artistic and social/ community background. Your reading will be a colourful adventure of the soul.

            Alongside your renowned and trusted Romani guide, issues explored can be anything from a relationship, career or life path. Have a little peek in what life might be offering you in the future while discovering your strengths for direction and personal empowerment.

            Alexis has been a tarot educator for over 25 years and facilitates the Natures Energy comprehensive online Tarot Classes program.

            Availability: Newtown - Alternate Saturdays & Sundays

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             Reader | Healer

            Maree is an experienced empath who loves to help people. As a Clairsentient, she works with your energy by combining both numerology and tarot into her intuitive readings to help guide you through different phases of life. You will be surprised how much your birthday can reveal about you.

            Her passion for numbers, the moon cycles as well as astrology allow you to reach a higher level of being. Her readings can help you shift the energy and move forward, using affirmations and positive thoughts to help with emotional issues.

            Availability: Glebe - Thursdays // Newtown - Fridays 



                 Massage Therapist | Healer

                Arezoo believes in a multifaceted approach to all her treatments. Through energy infused, healing hands, a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation envelope you. Treatments include beauty, body, massage and healing.

                Arezoo's signature treatment is Reiki massage. She is gifted in reading the energy of the body. Releases of emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances are facilitated via massage. This is a truly unique, comforting and nurturing experience.

                Arezoo holds a diploma in beauty therapy and has been a practicing therapist for over 12years. She is a reiki teacher, with an extensive theta healing training, in addition to unconditional love healing.

                She draws on all her knowledge to deliver a deeply relaxing, healing, therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for you.

                Availability: Balmain -  Saturdays & Sundays



                Sarisha is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Empath, Lightworker. For over twenty years she has practiced various modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Coaching to name a few. She draws from this diverse experience to support clients in her unique way, as they navigate life in search of inner peace and purpose. Her initial career as an Optometrist was about eyesight and vision. Now, as a Healer, it is about insight and a new vision for life.

                Sarisha creates a supportive space where trust, presence and compassion are key. Sessions may include regression processes, spiritual guidance, chakra balancing, card readings and guided meditations. These assist with relaxation, release of energy blockages, improved awareness of self and others, greater inner strength to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

                Sarisha has a special interest in fertility and oncology related issues. From her personal experience, she provides support with empathy and understanding. She is enthusiastic about natural vision improvement and energy clearing in the home to create harmony.

                Sarisha is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and a credentialed Coach (ACC level) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is dedicated to her profession and to her clients, with a focus on healing and personal development. 

                Empowering you to unlock your potential, let your light shine and live your best life!

                Availability: Balmain -  Mondays & Tuesdays