As a psychic, Sam can provide insight on your current life path by connecting to you and the energy that surrounds you. The questions that usually come up with this style of reading are about your personal life including career, love, health and for those around you such as your family and children. As a Psychic Medium, Sam can connect you with loved ones who have passed to help bring closure and healing. You will have the opportunity to ask your loved ones questions or allow the reading to go with the flow and see what the universe and spirit brings through. As an Energy healer, Sam can connect to the Universal Life Force energy and channel it to the recipient to encourage the bodies natural healing capability. Energy healing is great for creating balance with the Mind, Body and Spirit. An energy healing can help with stress, increase in energy, pain relief, release blockages and clear and protect from negative energy.

Availability: Glebe - Fridays // Newtown - Saturdays & Sundays