Katie Jayne

Katie Jayne is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, Intuitive Crystal Healer, and Manifestation Coach. Katie channels the highest healing frequency of love from the higher angelic realms and Earth energies. She delivers this sacred life force energy to your physical and ethereal body during a healing; delivering peace to your nervous system, dissolving crystallised energy blockages, awakening your inner Light and radiance. Katie’s acute kinaesthetic intuition and deep compassion for all beings allows her to feel and heal the physical ailments and emotional traumas of others. Her somatic energy healing style is nurturing, loving, and powerful. Her energy healing journey began several years ago under the guidance of her Guruji in Western Nepal. Shortly after her first trip to Nepal, Katie moved from California to Australia, where she trained to become a Reiki Master. Her mission is to be a guide to those seeking true vitality and empowerment by healing the ethereal body and transforming self-limiting beliefs into paper tigers. Upon request, Katie can channel personalised affirmations for you to use as self-empowering tools to transform mental and emotional limitations that have been blocking your blessings and progress. 

"It is my divine honour to assist you on your journey to healing, peace, and empowerment" - Katie Jayne