Karen does tarot readings, life path & destiny readings and hypnotic energy healings, both in person and via phone & video chat. Her work combines the wisdom of ancient life path charts (called Metasymbology) based on your birth date together with tarot cards and psychic intuition.
She specialises in revealing your life direction, best career choice
s, most compatible partners and ways to make the most of your talents and overcome your challenges. If you have the birthday of other people she can also reveal this information about them.  

Karen has been doing this work since 1996. As a psychic she can also channel your loved ones and spirit guides. She is also an intuitive therapist, hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach, and combines all these in her healings, counselling and hypnotherapy based on your metasymbology life path. 

All readings and healings can also be recorded for you for free so that you can listen to them again afterwards. 

Availability: Balmain - Mondays, Newtown -Thursdays