• Danielle


    Danielle has been a beauty therapist for 13 years. She studied at Ultimo tafe, where she became experienced in a wide variety of beauty and massage treatments. Facials quickly became her passion. During her career she developed a skill for waxing with the most gentle technique becoming known as a brazilian and eyebrow wax specialist. Danielle is constantly perfecting her skills and is always adding on to the skills she already has. She uses the Dr Vodder face and neck lymphatic drainage massage in her facials which allows her to treat acne as well as congestion skin, giving it a natural detox with a clearer skin. Danielle welcomes you to visit her for a caring and nurturing beauty experience.

    Availability: Newtown - Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 

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  • Nadila


    Nadila has been in the beauty industry for over 11 years mastering in nail tech and waxing. Her creativity, manicure and waxing expertise, and eye for detail are just a few reasons why she is a highly sought after beauty therapist with the highest standards in hygiene. She’s always upbeat with an unmatched ability to converse and connect with customers and understand their beauty needs. Your beauty appointment with Nadila will feel like a BFF catch-up session, only with better manicure and a silky smooth wax!

    Availability: Balmain - Tuesdays // Glebe - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

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  • Amy


    Amy has a dedicated career spanning 14 years as a Holistic Therapist; she is a practice owner and massage teacher, who has worked on events and retreats as well as in a variety of settings, including medical practices and clinics as well as high end spas and salons.

     Amy's treatments are always Holistic in nature, tailored to balance mind, body and spirit, with essential aftercare and a very Remedial focus - to remedy any problems you may have - be it stress, problematic skin, tension or health concerns, Amy is dedicated to making your time so special you get everything you want from a treatment, this is the therapist you have been looking for.

    Availability: Glebe - Friday // Newtown - Alternate Sundays (call 9555 3355 for availability inquiries)

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  • Tanuj


    Trained at the Arthur Findlay College (London), the world’s foremost college of Mediumship, and by the world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla, the ability I have is to make contact with loved ones who have died. That contact can be through one or more of the following senses - seeing, hearing, feeling or just knowing. The second faculty, commonly known as the psychic dimension, is my ability to read you – and that’s looking at the auric field, the chakras and the energy fields. It gives me an opportunity to see the Architect’s plan of the soul – not the conscious mind, but of the soul and sometimes the two can be very different. In addition, I also do Ancient Greek/Roman Astrology as a way of looking at the map of one’s life to come and use its advanced timing techniques (such as Zodiacal Releasing) to identify highs, lows, peaks and plateaus in specific areas of one’s life. A reading with me is a three-way process involving the spirit world, the medium and you.

    Availability: Glebe - Fridays

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  • Ming


    Ming has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. She has worked in Day Spas, Medi Spas and Advance skin clinics. She is qualified in many aspects of Beauty Therapy and enjoys giving face and body treatments that deliver optimum results for clients. She is also a qualified Massage Therapist specialising in Relaxation and Aromatherapy. From the moment you pass through the door of Ming's' treatment room you will transported into a world of Tranquility.

    Availability: Glebe - Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Tameera


    Tameera is a sought after intuitive, astrologer, numerologist and Feng Shui expert with over 20-years’ experience specialising in life direction, relationships, compatibility, career, baby names, name changes, home energy and you. Her numerology is designed to assist in changing the vibration of your home and life. Tameera lives and breathes her work, she writes and teaches through festivals, workshops, seminars and retreats and has conducted readings for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Dolly, Famous, New Idea and Marie Claire amongst thousands worldwide. Tameera is essentially accessing part of your Akashic Records and souls blueprint empowering you to live a harmonious life.

    Availability: Balmain - Thursdays

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  • Kim


    Kim has worked at Nature’s Energy since May 2012, after entering the beauty industry in 1985. She is a Beauty Therapist with a passion for skin correction and essential beauty maintenance and promotes the use of frequent facials, waxing, tinting, brow shaping, manicures and pedicures. She is a specialist with skin resurfacing, anti ageing, acne cleansing and sensitive skin conditions. Using techniques such as the Diamond Head Microdermabrasion, Kim strives to ensure that all client skin needs are met.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

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  • Winnie


    Winnie is renowned for her expertise as an Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner and for the nurturing experience she gives her clients.  She specialises in pain relief, women’s health, stress management and other chronic health conditions.  With her cosmetic acupuncture, Detox and Lift Jade facial and Tuning Fork sound healing. Winnie offers a suite of modalities to help her clients look and feel their best.

    She grew up in a family environment where Traditional Chinese Medicine was a part of everyday life and has seen how powerful it can be. Winnie studied under renowned masters from China and the US.  She graduated top-of-class in Chinese Herbal Medicine and is a lecturer/clinic supervisor at leading TCM education providers across Sydney.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Gi


    Gi has been a qualified beauty therapist for over 7 years and in 2013 decided the addition of a Remedial Massage Diploma would enable her to attend to clients concerns on a more wholistic level. She has not only worked on well-known cruise ships internationally and five star hotels but also with a variety of health professionals like osteopaths, physiotherapists and Doctor's specialising in injuries. Gi is passionate about treating chronic pain caused by injury and is committed to the oncoming health and wellbeing of her clients from top to toe.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Esther


    Esther graduated in 2008 and has a deep passion for pain and injury management through massage. She has also worked in many high end hotels and has also specialised in relaxation, remedial and deep tissue massage. She believes in keeping abreast of the latest techniques, as the industry is ever changing, and has recently studied additional clinical massage skills such as Trigger Point therapy and Muscle Energy techniques. Esther will tailor your massage experience ensuring you leave with tools to manage any pain you may have or that you leave feeling renewed after a customised massage.

    Availability: Balmain- Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Libby


    Libby holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy and is registered with all major health funds. Her intuitive style combines remedially based therapeutic techniques with relaxation to deliver a firm, result driven yet tranquil massage tailored to your needs.

    Over the past 7 years her passion for helping others has led her to study and work with Trigger point therapy, Hot stone therapy, Remedial and Swedish relaxation massage, Lymphatic facial massage, muscular and soft tissue manipulation, and fascial release, to help correct postural compensations and alleviate pain resulting in a positive change to your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

    Availability: Newtown - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays

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  • Le


    Le holds a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and is a true believer in the benefits of using good skin care to create good skin health. She takes great care in the initial consultation to ensure you get exactly what you need from the facial experience whether it be getting certain skin results or just blissful relaxation. Le has a thorough knowledge of all Beauty treatments but is renowned for her Eye Lash Lifting skills. Le's outgoing and warm, nurturing personality ensures her customers have a memorable beauty experience.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Alexis


    Inspired by her Grandmother Christine and Romani ancestor Gypsy King Petulengro, Alexis has been providing 3 decades of experience in psychic readings. Alexis has taught part-time tarot courses at the University of Sydney and has an extensive theatrical, artistic and community welfare background. Your reading will be a colourful soulful journey where you can explore issues creatively alongside your trusted and renowned Romani guide. Issues explored can include anything from relationship, career, health and life path to finding direction and personal strength. Have a little peak into what life might be offering you and the direction of things, while discovering aspects about yourself for personal empowerment.

    Availability: Balmain - Tuesday / Newtown - Sundays

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  • Sue


    Sue has been a beauty therapist for over 16 years, her interests lay not only in offering heavenly beauty and body treatments but also Deep tissue and Stress relief massage. A firm steady hand with a knack for "hitting the spot" is Sue's signature massage style.

    Availability: Glebe - Mondays // Newtown - Fridays // Balmain - Thursdays & Saturdays

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  • Sally


    Weaving the archetypal language of Astrology and Energy Healing, within a dynamic coaching framework, Sally shines an insightful, inspiring and empowering light on all areas of your life - from relationships to career to lifestyle to creative projects. With a focus on transformation, sessions maximise strengths and reframe challenges to lay a foundation for a brilliant, yet sustainable future. She holds a Diploma in Astrology, is Reiki (Master) Level 3 and Bush Flower Essence certified, and is a registered Coach.

    Availability: Newtown - Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays // Glebe - Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Michelle


    Michelle began practicing massage in 2000 and has integrated several styles of massage and modalities into a more holistic, therapeutically aimed treatment personalised for her clients wants and needs. She has a background in Acupuncture and includes this knowledge into every massage through the use of Acutonics and Acupressure massage. Acutonics is a modality which uses specialised attuned tuning forks to activate key acupuncture points and meridian energy channels in the body. Michelle includes this in her massage for an encompassing treatment to balance and clear stagnant or dense energy, bringing the whole body system back into equilibrium. Excellent treatment for muscular aches and tightness.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays & Sundays

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  • Maree


    Maree is an experienced empath who loves to help people. As a Clairsentient, she works with your energy by combining both numerology and tarot into her intuitive readings to help
    guide you through different phases of life. You will be surprised how much your birthday can reveal about you. Her passion for numbers, the moon cycles as well as astrology allow you to reach a higher level of being. Her readings can help you shift the energy and move forward, using affirmations and positive thoughts to help with emotional issues.

    Availability: Newtown - Saturdays, Glebe - Tuesdays

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  • Fiona


    Fiona has had the privilege of working around the world as a 5 star spa therapist aboard cruise ships. She found her passion for Massage through firsthand experience with arthritis, sciatica, knee injury, back pain and headaches, and overcame these through the power of aromatherapy and herbs, this was the start of her journey to health and well being. She believes that the body has its own intelligence and it knows how to heal. Fiona has worked in indulgent spa therapy, care, disability, NRL sport and currently training in oncology. So whether you need some “you time”, have an injury or need some extra nurturing come have a chat to help find the right treatment for you. Her motto is live longer, love, laugh and be happy.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Sundays

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  • Erin


    Erin has been practicing massage for over 16 years. She has gained extensive experience working in both America and Australia and worked with many high profile clients. She believes in healing and transformation through nurturing and therapeutic touch and has extensive experience with several modalities of massage therapy. Her specialised holistic treatments incorporate relaxation techniques that consider the mind, body and spirit. Erin is passionate about providing health solutions for the young, pregnant mothers, athletes and mature aged clients. She looks forward to working with you on a personalised health plan.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays / Newtown - Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Anna-Michelle


    Anna - Michelle has been an award winning professional for the past 20 years. She is focused on providing high quality services, offering all aspects of hairdressing, specialising in the latest cutting and colouring techniques. Michelle believes hairdressing is the art of making someone look & feel their best, pushing the boundaries, create fashion and incorporate what is happening in the world around us.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Jackie


    Jackie’s massages are shaped for you and your needs. Whether you are a surfer or have a desk job, she finds a balance between deep stress relief and deep tissue. If your body needs more of a gentle massage she will create just that. Jackie enjoys the challenge of each and every body and is committed to making you feel taller, lighter and happier.  

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays & Wednesdays

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  • Row


    Rowena has completed a Diploma of Energetic Healing at Awareness Institute which encompassed modalities such as: Transformation Meditation, Reiki Level 2, Flower Essences and Crystal Healing. Rowena also has a passion for Aura Soma, the aromatherapy and colour therapy system of which she is a registered practitioner.

    Through Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Aura Soma Healing she aims to bring her clients back into a state of balance whether that be mentally, emotionally or spiritually. She believes that self love and acceptance also play a huge part in our healing journey and with the help of giving back to yourself with daily rituals such as meditation this is where we can all can start to bring about immensely positive changes. Rowena's aim is to give her clients the tools for self empowerment and self care through education on such rituals that are intuited during her sessions.

    Availability: Newtown - Thursdays // By appointment only (call 9555 3355 for availability inquiries)

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  • Berni


    Berni is a psychic, medium and healer. As well as being an accredited NLP practitioner, she has a Diploma of Counselling, is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and also a registered Aura-Soma (colour) consultant. Berni’s tarot and colour readings and energy healing offer intuitive guidance, as well as practical tools to assist you to have more love, joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. She is especially passionate about helping you access your inner wisdom in order to transform any past emotional pain that may be blocking your experience of more loving, connected and juicy relationships. Her customised colour sessions offer a special blend of insightful guidance, compassionate support and spiritual healing for her clients.  

    Availability: Balmain - Sundays // Glebe - Wednesdays

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  • Chiaki


    Chiaki has been practicing massage for over 7 years and has gained extensive experience working in Japan and Australia. Chiaki has a passion for practicing in a holistic approach which considers the mind, body and spirit- she is able to provide her clients with a therapeutic touch, getting into the muscles as needed, but also giving the client a deep sense of relaxation at the same time. Chiaki became a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist in Australia, therefore also incorporates myofasical, trigger point and joint mobilisation in her practice.

    Availability: Newtown - Fridays & Sundays

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  • Fabiola


    Extending love and gratitude to our experiences and growth across many lifetimes, for over 15 years Fabiola has enjoyed meeting individuals, guiding them on a soul level to help heal the past which frees us to live now, from our heart. Assisting with matters of the heart, body, mind and spirit, Fabiola acurately sees, senses, feels, hears and knows, is a highly intuitive and soul centrered healer, intuitive meditation facilitator, working with individuals and organisations to release and grow, as they gain insights on self and others. Believing we are a soul journeying in a physical body, learning to heal and embrace with heart our purpose, to really live, love and be. Book your session with Fabiola to experience freeing yourself to live an authentic, abundant life.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays & Saturdays

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  • Yoko


    Yoko has passion for helping people and interest in healing. Using a combination of fluid motion, nurturing touch and symmetry, she creates a relaxed state in the body and mind while tending to each client’s individual needs. She applies a mixture Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Stretching techniques, Trigger point, Relaxation massage and Myofacial techniques to release muscle tension.

    Availability: Newtown - Wednesday // Glebe - Fridays & Saturdays

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  • John


    Blessed with his gifts since childhood, John delivers precise visions, accurate numbers and professional service, as a Psychic and Tarot Reader. John communicates with Spiritual Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters, to build a bridge between worlds creating powerful and lasting health and healing. John has transformed thousands of people from all walks of life, from artists, filmmakers, athletes, business owners, and stay at home parents. As seen on TV, radios and major holistic expos all over the world

    Availability: Balmain - Fridays & Saturdays // Newtown - Sundays

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  • Jamieson


    Jamieson began massage over 10 years ago qualifying in Swedish, Remedial and an array of other massage styles. His particular interest and practice is to combine Swedish Remedial Massage, Trigger Point and Myofascial release therapy. He is currently a Student at UTS studying Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture to broaden his skills to ultimately offer a complete massage treatment to work particularly in the area of Qi (energy) stagnation.

    Availability: Newtown - Saturdays // Glebe - Sundays

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  • Linda


    Linda has been massaging for over 5 years. Her passion lays in offering her clients a variety of modalities and tailoring each massage style to suit her clients desires. Linda's specialty lays not only in therapeutic massage but also in relaxation styles like Swedish and Ka Huna Body Work. She looks forward to treating highly stressed and over worked individuals needing to escape the daily grind and leave her massage table feeling blissfully calm and ready to face the world again.

    Availability: Balmain - Fridays & Sundays

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  • Angela


    Angela has a strong belief that having a healthy body leads to a stronger mindset. She specialises in therapeutic Indian head massage, Yoga temple massage, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage with the intention of relieving muscular pain and dysfunction. Angela enjoys working with clients who want to overcome on going muscular pain and soreness in order to live happier, healthier lives. Angela has had great success helping clients who are dealing with pain, headaches, and postural dysfunction associated with office work and regular computer use.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Karen


    Karen holds a Diploma of Parapsychology and Nero-Linguistic Programming and is a Hypnotherapist and Counselor. She is Clairsentient and Clairaudient and has been reading Tarot since 1996. She combines the language of cards with Astrology and Numerology to provide an accurate understanding into your personality, life chart and personal skills, patterns and challenges. Her healing can re balance energy and return mind and body to optimal balance.

    Availability: Alternative Sundays

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  • Verena


    Verena started her journey over 20 years ago. She studied Metaphysics and Parapsychology and uses her natural intuitive talents to read Tarot. Her guiding helps her client’s to understand the direction and purpose in their lives and see what the future holds for them. Verana’s aim is that this experience will make her client’s feel more enlightened and comforted moving ahead.

    Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays // Glebe - Mondays & Thursdays

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  • Joy


    Joy has been involved in energetic healing, readings and spiritual practices for over several years. As a Reiki Master she believes that we are the director, the writer and the actor in the story of our lives. It’s just that we don’t have the script! As we witness our stories unfold we go on a journey in which we sometimes just need a little healing help. Joy aims to help her clients find direction in their journey.

    Availability: Newtown - Thursdays

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  • Rudy


    An experienced body worker, Rudy demonstrates a range of Remedial techniques that target the areas of concern whilst delivering these precise techniques in a skillful and empathetic manner. He has extensive knowledge of the human physique and natural remedies which he modifies for each client. Rudy will help de-stress, alleviate muscle-skeletal pain and aid in flushing the body of noxious toxins.

    Availability: Balmain - Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Loren


    Loren completed a diploma of Remedial Massage in 2002 and over the last 14 years has gained extensive experience working in Australia and the UK in sports, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics treating a range of conditions and a variety of people with chronic and acute pain. Loren uses different massage techniques to help restore balance, reduce stress levels, relieve pain and increase flexibility. Loren is great at targeting the source of muscular discomfort and tailoring the treatment to the individuals specific needs.

    Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays // Newtown - Mondays

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  • Judy


    Having worked at Nature’s Energy for over 5 years, Judy offers a wide range of modalities to suit everyone, but specialises in aiding those who have difficulty sleeping, require lymphatic drainage (whether suffering from oedema or detoxing), expectant and new mothers (including first trimester in low-risk pregnancies), and geriatric care. Her unique and highly responsive technique combines remedial and lymphatic massage with addition to trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and some acupressure. Judy also has her Working with Children Accreditation allowing her to massage children under the age of 18.



    Availability: Balmain - Saturdays

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  • Cristina


    Cristina uses a variety of massage techniques to identify structural and functional issues and she is passionate about the relationships between the human body, emotions, stress and resultant conditions. My aim is to provide my clients with the means to increase their well being.

    Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Catalina


    Catalina is a Remedial Massage therapist offering a wide range of therapies including unique styles like Myofascial Release and Shiatsu. She finds Stress Relief Massage very beneficial in terms of being therapeutic; taking care of physical issues such as shoulder tension, lower back pain, headaches and migraine. She loves seeing clients transform from stressed and tight muscles to relieved calm.

    Availability: Glebe - Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Carolina


    Carolina is an enthusiastic massage therapist and holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage. She started her journey in holistic therapies studying Reiki and soon got passionate about massage therapy. She tailors her sessions to meet the needs of the body helping clients to de-stress, give pain relief and improve muscle condition. She also enjoys giving her clients advice on stretching and strengthening their muscles post treatment.

    Availability: Balmain - Mondays // Glebe - Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Sulabh


    Sulabh is a straight forward, no-nonsense reader who combines tactful empathy with practical insight to find solutions and direction for his clients. He has a unique style that combines Palmistry, Tarot, Face Reading and Numerology for accurate insights into how past behaviours and thought patterns determine current and future reality.

    Availability: Balmain - Mondays

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  • Gemma


    Gemma has a passion for delivering amazing hair experiences! She believes in using natural origin hair products where possible and understands its importance on her client’s health and well being.

    Availability: Glebe - Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays

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  • Renata


    Renata has over 6 years massage experience, working with a range of clientele and their needs, from Relaxation and Stress management to Remedial and Sports Recovery. Renata is a qualified Personal Trainer and brings her love of exercise, health and nutrition to Natures Energy. Being a Crossfit athlete herself she understands the importance and need for Massage and Recovery time and enjoys working on athletes to blend sporting requirements into a good Remedial Massage that will leave you feeling revived.

    Availability: Balmain - Fridays & Sundays

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  • Kyra


    Kyra completed her Diploma in Remedial and Sports massage in 2011. She specialises in relieving tension and stress with her skills in using proven techniques such as Remedial, Sports and Relaxation styles of massage. She has treated numerous sports injuries and chronic pain in physiotherapy clinics as well as athletes and sports teams as a volunteer. Kyra is passionate about assessing the body and treating the body so that her clients can leave feeling relieved and revived.

    Availability: Balmain - Fridays // Glebe - Sundays

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  • Elizabeth


    Elizabeth is a qualified Beauty Therapist, Health Coach and Nutritionist who is passionate about natural beauty. She has merged her love of nutrition and beauty together and specialises is Superfood Facials. This unique and results driven treatment involves the topical application of a variety of organic foods to the skin to address a variety of skin concerns. She believes that nothing should be placed on the skin that is not safe enough to eat and her Superfood Facials uphold this philosophy. Elizabeth enjoys educating women about how they can create their own simple, affordable and effective skin care from ingredients that they can find in their kitchen. She also enjoys advising women on how they can eat to radiate from within and achieve natural beauty from the inside out. 

    She is the only therapist in the inner west who specialises in these natural beauty treatments. 

    Availability: Balmain - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

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  • Gabriela


    Gabriela offers a range of therapies and is particularly passionate about Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage. She also enjoys using Bliss stones due to its nurturing and warming benefits for stressed and anxious clients. Gabriela aims to have a holistic approach to her treatments and tailors them to give the client a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

    Availability: Glebe - Monday, Wednesday & Saturday // Newtown - Fridays

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  • Ayako


    Since 1998 Ayako has held a Diploma of Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage, she brings her years of massage training in Japan to Australia where she incorporates Shiatsu massage and Foot Reflexology in both Eastern and Western methods. Her passion lays with Aromatherapy Massage and she prides herself in being able to tailor a firmer style to her clients. Her belief is to constantly stay abreast of new massage styles to offer the latest techniques.

    Availability: Glebe - Sundays // Balmain - Wednesdays

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  • Josie


    Josie has been in the hairdressing industry for over 30 years, and also is a trainer, assessor and technical adviser for TAFE. Her passion for hair ensures she stays up to date with upcoming trends, products and techniques. Her most important skill is to ensure her clients leave the salon feeling like they have been understood. 'A client’s smile at the end of a service is the most satisfying part, this is the part of hairdressing that makes it all worthwhile.'Josie is also our Keratin treatment specialist.

    Availability: Glebe - Tuesdays & Thursdays

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  • Suvi


    Suvi is a qualified beauty therapist and is passionate about making her clients not only look beautiful but also feel radiant and confident. She believes that beauty and confidence work well together when one's inner self is in perfect harmony. She loves her work and particularly enjoys making her clients walk out feeling rejuvenated and revitalised holistically.

    Availability: Balmain - Mondays & Sundays

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  • Sonia


    Feel better, look better. Sonia has been a qualified beauty therapist since 2007 and a massage therapist since 2012, combining the two has allowed her to develop a 'healing hand' experienced in a variety of styles. Sonia's healing touch will help you melt away your physical and mental pain and wake up to a more beautiful you.

    Availability: Glebe - Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

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  • Olivia


    Olivia holds a qualification in Remedial Massage and offers a wide range of Relaxation treatments and Spiritual healing. Her specialty is combining healing with massage to treat her clients both emotionally and physically through Reiki and Spiritual Massage with the combination of Crystals. Olivia uses a soft to medium pressure combined with a soothing energy to help bring balance back to the body.

    Availability: Glebe - Mondays & Wednesdays // Newtown - Tuesdays

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