Natural and Healing


Initial & Follow up  90min - $135 

Kinesiology is a powerful technique that initiates the body's natural ability to heal itself addressing physical, mental and/or spiritual realms using a technique called muscle testing.  Muscle testing simply tests a muscles resistance. How the muscle responds reveals the body's functioning and helps locate imbalances with the body.   

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Sinus Solace Ear Candling

60 min - $100

Ear Candling is an effective treatment in stimulating the immune system by cleansing & attituning the body's energy field. It is also beneficial for sinus irritations, excessive wax build up and to clear the mind. This highly relaxing treatment combines ear candling with sinus & facial massage to ease you into a state of pure serenity.

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Spiritual Healing

30 min - $55 | 45 min - $75 | 60 min - $95 | 90 min - $125

Spiritual Healing works on subtle and emotional energy levels in the body to help release and clear blocked or negative energy - both in the aura and the chakras. Our healers have their own unique style of healing including Theta, Crystal, Reiki and more. Ask our staff to find out more about each style of healing and varying prices.

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Tarot and Psychic Readings

30 min - $50 | 45 min - $70 | 60 min - $90

If you need clarity in personal or business relationships or any other situation in your life, let our gifted and experienced readers guide you with their insight. Our readers specialise in a array of reading styles, please ask at time of booking.

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