Bath House

Join us on a Journey of Pure Indulgence designed for you to enjoy at your leisure. Lose yourself with our unique combination of Hot & Cold Spas, Steam room & Sauna or relax with a cup of Herbal tea in our Spa Relaxation Lounge. The benefits of taking time out of your busy schedule to unwind are endless! 

Bath House Experience

30 min - $28 | 45 min - $35| 60 min* - $40
Join us on a Journey of Pure Indulgence, designed for you to enjoy at your leisure.

  • Hot Spa
  • Cold Spa (at Balmain and Glebe only)
  • Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Shower & Change Room Facilities
  • Towels, Gown & Slippers
  • Complimentary Herbal Teas & Refreshments

Our Bath House is unisex so please ensure you bring a bathing suit with you. 

Please Note: Ladies Only in the Bath House in Balmain on Wednesdays and  Glebe on Tuesdays. Our Newtown Bath House is Private once you book in Newtown that time is reserved for you alone or you and your Group - up to 4

It is not recommended to use the Bathhouse at any stage of Pregnancy. 


*When you book a 60 min Bath House Experience you can add on an extra treatment at a discounted rate - add on a Body Scrub and enjoy an extended treatment.

Add-on Turkish Body Scrub - $31 (normally $36)

Add-on Wild Mint and Walnut Wet Polish - $36 (normally $42)
Add-on Sultan Body Scrub - $54 (normally $63)

Add-on Invigorating Lemongrass & Wattleseed Wet Polish - $59 (normally $69)
See below for treatment descriptions.

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Turkish Body Scrub

15 min - $36
A full body scrub using exfoliation gloves in combination with a seasonal based body wash. Our summer blend is created to uplift & invigorate whilst spring is a zesty blend to tone & detoxify. Winter is warming & soothing and autumn is nourishing & protecting.
Pay only $31 when you book a Turkish Scrub with a 60 minute treatment or longer.
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Sultan Body Scrub

30 min - $63
This treatment includes the Turkish Body Scrub with the addition of a vitamin enriched nourishing cream leaving your skin vibrant, youthful and glowing.
Pay only $54 when you book a Sultan Scrub with a 60 minute treatment or longer.
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Bath House Memberships

If you are a frequent visitor to our Bath House, you may want to purchase a Bath House Membership Card.  Pay for five sessions and receive a sixth session free.

Hydrotherapy Benefits

Both stimulating and relaxing, hydrotherapy treatments can protect against illness, relieve stress, stimulate sluggish circulation and improve body metabolism. We always recommend that you book for a hydrotherapy session prior to any other treatment to enhance the benefits of your treatment.